About Us

Sable Petroleum is an international Geological, Geophysical and Engineering Services Company with Headquarters located in Calgary, Canada. The company was formed in Canada in 2003, has its offices in Calgary Canada, Karachi (Pakistan) and Houston (USA), and since then expanded its services and operations across various geographical locations.

Our company has a team of experienced personnel in Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Drilling & Operations Engineering and Project Management. With our many years of experience and a proven track record of reliable, dependable and high-quality work, which is attested by our clients, Sable has evolved into a well-reputed company for professional geoscience and engineering services.

Sable holds all required registrations, certifications, and policies that enables us to provide our global services seamlessly. Our employees also hold all the necessary credentials to perform their technical tasks. We ensure delivery of quality services in an accurate, timely & professional manner by continuously improving customer satisfaction level.

Sable’s company culture promotes all our employees to actively pursue personal growth and development of our employees as well as those of our clients by sharing our knowledge and experience.

In 2003, after working offshore Nova Scotia near Sable Island, Farhat renamed the company as Sable Petroleum Consultants Inc.

Sable’s journey started with 3 Wellsite geologists who got a project with Husky Energy in 2004. Sable’s work was highly appreciated; Husky awarded “Cadotte Project” to Sable in 2005. Since then, Sable has been growing and expanding the scope of services and the team. Presently, we have a team of over 25 geologists, geophysicist and engineers those are guided by 5 upper management members.

Sable Petroleum Consultants Inc., carries  $5,000,000  in commercial general liability insurance for projects. Upon a successful bid, Sable Petroleum Consultants Inc will issue forth a Certificate of Insurance with the company as the certificate holder.

Head Office:

33 Nolanfield Point NW Calgary, AB T3R 0S7




+1(403) 726-0666