Wellsite geological supervision for vertical, horizontal & Strat wells in conventional & unconventional reservoirs & Operations geology

  • Remote geo-steering and supervision
  • Complete core analysis & chip samples
  • Heavy oil dev. coring & SAGD programs
  • Petrophysical & rock-physics analysis
  • Geomechanical analysis & modeling
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Play & Prospect analysis
  • 3D geologic static modeling
  • Volumetric and risk analysis
  • Seismic & well data conditioning
  • Geophysical analysis & interpretation
  • Seismic inversion & reservoir property prediction
  • High-resolution faults & fracture swarms mapping/interpretation
  • Microseismic processing, interpretation and analysis
  • Seismic Acquisition, Processing,
  • 2D-3D Survey designing & QC
  • Managing Seismic Acquisition Operations & HSE audits
  • Seismic survey planning, designing and
  • Optimization of acquisition parameters
  • Directional and horizontal well design and profile planning
  • Prepare AFE cost estimates for construction and drilling operations
  • Prepare drilling programs
  • Monitor drilling performance and review post drilling data to improve program efficiencies
  • Production Analysis & optimization
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Reservoir performance analysis
  • Well placement optimization
  • Development planning
  • Reservoir assurance

Sable Petroleum Consultants Inc., is a private Canadian company that offers “single source” environmental liability management service in the areas of abandonment, decommissioning, reclamation, remediation, water and waste solutions. Sable also operates wells those have some producing potential after minor overwork on them. Sable is an industry leading service company backed by a highly technical team with seasoned leadership delivering tailored solutions to our clients.


Sable Safety International with a vision to have our operations expanded across the globe. We are committed to building and delivering safety solutions for our clients. Our services helps our clients achieve and maintain excellence in safety compliance. Whether you have a company of 10 employees or 10 thousand, we can support you in achieving excellence in safety. We specialize in behavior based HSE training and offer a wide range of HSE related services. Over the years, we have gathered competent and experienced HSE team members capable of providing our safety services to cover Alberta, British Columbia, North West Territories  Saskatchewan & Ontario. To make it easy for small to medium-sized customers to work with us in these lean economic times, we offer aggressively priced packaged solutions customized to our client’s specific needs.


Sable Petroleum Consultants Inc. management believe that the number one priority for the company is having a safe and pleasant work environment. A safe work environment encourages productivity from employees, prevents loss of time and saves the company money alternatively permitting the company to give back to its employees.Clients, employees and managers all benefit from a safe work environment. Employee health is directly linked to productivity, morale, and employee turn-over therefore making it the number one priority to build and maintain a successful company. The benefit to the employee is a safe, healthy, happy working environment with increased productivity requiring less effort from the employees to achieve the goal.Those individuals who knowingly refuse to comply with Government regulations, safety rules, violate regulatory requirements, or endanger others through negligence will be held accountable for their actions. This may include disciplinary or legal action, dismissal and liability under the law.

 is responsible for incorporating all applicable legislation into the safety program and complying with it. Management is also responsible for prioritizing safety needs, providing training, supplying or wearing safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), investigating hazardous conditions and accidents and keeping records.

Employees/Consultants on worksites are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended work practices, utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE), participating in in-house safety training programs, and informing supervisors and fellow workers of unsafe work conditions. Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work.The policies and procedures in place for the health, safety, and well-being for managers and employees are specific to Sable Petroleum. These policies and procedures are designed to follow the ‘guiding principles’ for worker safety in die petroleum industry.
Farhat Hyderi (President / CEO)
Sable Petroleum Consultants Inc.

Head Office:

33 Nolanfield Point NW Calgary, AB T3R 0S7



+1(403) 726-0666